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At McMillan Builders, we pride ourselves on crafting livable, forever homes and buildings that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Central to our ethos is the suite of Plan & Consult services we offer, designed to ensure that every project we undertake is aligned with our clients' visions and is executed to perfection. These services, encompassing Owner's Representative Services, Feasibility Studies, Planning/Consulting, and Property Assessment, are tailored to provide comprehensive support throughout the construction process. From initial concept to completion, we act as your advocate, ensuring that every decision made is informed, every risk managed, and every opportunity seized. Join us as we delve into the benefits of these essential services and how they contribute to the seamless realization of your construction and development projects.

Owner's Representative Services

When embarking on a construction or renovation project, having an advocate to represent your interests is invaluable. This is where McMillan Builders' Owner's Representative Services come into play, offering a safeguard for your project from start to finish. Acting as your proxy, these services ensure that your voice is heard, your vision is realized, and your investment is protected.

Advocacy and Expertise: As your representative, McMillan Builders becomes an extension of you, meticulously overseeing every aspect of your project. We bring a wealth of expertise to the table, providing guidance on complex decisions, ensuring that your project adheres to the highest standards.

Risk Management: Construction projects are fraught with uncertainties. Our role involves identifying potential risks early on and implementing strategies to mitigate them. Whether it's budget overruns, scheduling conflicts, or compliance issues, we navigate these challenges on your behalf, keeping your project on track.

Problem Solving: No project is without its hiccups. Our proactive approach to problem-solving means that we address issues as they arise, often before they can escalate into significant problems. This proactive management can save time, reduce costs, and ensure the quality of the finished project.

Communication and Coordination: Effective communication is the backbone of any successful project. We act as the central point of contact, coordinating between architects, contractors, and other stakeholders. This ensures that all parties are aligned with your objectives, and project milestones are met.

Real-Life Impact: The benefits of Owner's Representative Services are best illustrated through success stories. Consider a complex renovation project that was brought back on schedule and within budget thanks to our strategic intervention and oversight. Or a new construction project where our involvement from the feasibility stage through to completion ensured that the client's ambitious vision was realized without compromise.

Owner's Representative Services by McMillan Builders are not just about oversight and management; they're about ensuring your project's success through dedicated advocacy, expert advice, and unwavering support. Whether you're constructing a new home, renovating an existing structure, or embarking on a commercial development, having McMillan Builders by your side means having peace of mind that your project is in the best hands.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies are a cornerstone of McMillan Builders' Plan & Consult services, designed to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of their project's potential before any significant investment is made. These studies are pivotal in mapping out the viability, risks, and opportunities of a proposed construction or renovation project.

Core Objectives: At the heart of our feasibility studies is the objective to give clients a clear picture of what to expect from their proposed projects. This involves assessing the project's economic, technical, legal, and operational feasibility, ensuring that every angle is considered before moving forward.

Informed Decision-Making: Feasibility studies empower our clients with data-driven insights. By thoroughly analyzing potential outcomes and scenarios, we enable clients to make informed decisions, choosing paths that align with their goals, budget, and timeline. This foresight significantly reduces the risk of project failure, saving time and resources.

Early Identification of Project Challenges and Opportunities: One of the key benefits of conducting a feasibility study is the early identification of any challenges that may impede the project's success. Equally, it highlights unique opportunities that could be leveraged to enhance the project's value and impact. This dual perspective ensures that clients are well-informed and prepared for any eventualities.

Case Studies of Success: The value of feasibility studies is evident in numerous projects undertaken by McMillan Builders. For instance, a residential development project in a challenging terrain underwent a feasibility study that not only confirmed its viability but also uncovered innovative design and construction methods to maximize the land's potential. Another case involved a commercial renovation where the feasibility study highlighted crucial zoning and regulatory considerations, guiding the project to a successful and compliant completion.

Feasibility studies are more than just a preliminary step in the construction process; they are a strategic tool that guides decision-making, optimizes project outcomes, and ultimately ensures that our clients' investments are sound and fruitful. By leveraging McMillan Builders' expertise in conducting comprehensive feasibility studies, clients can embark on their construction journeys with confidence, knowing that their projects stand on a solid foundation of informed, strategic planning.

Planning / Consulting

Planning and consulting services form a critical pillar of McMillan Builders' approach to construction and development projects. These services are designed to navigate the complexities of building projects, ensuring that each phase, from conceptualization to completion, is meticulously planned and executed.

Strategic Project Planning: At the outset, McMillan Builders collaborates closely with clients to develop a strategic plan that aligns with their vision, budget, and timeline. This comprehensive planning phase includes everything from site analysis and design conceptualization to obtaining necessary permits and preparing construction documents.

Design and Budget Consultation: A significant aspect of our consulting services is providing expert guidance on design and budget. We help clients make informed choices that reflect their aesthetic preferences while ensuring financial feasibility. Our expertise enables us to identify cost-saving opportunities without compromising on quality or design integrity.

Navigating Regulatory Compliance: McMillan Builders offers invaluable assistance in navigating the complex landscape of building codes and regulations. By ensuring compliance from the early stages, we help avoid delays and additional costs, facilitating a smoother project progression.

Facilitating Decision-Making: Our planning and consulting services are tailored to empower clients, providing them with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle. Whether it's selecting the right materials, choosing between design alternatives, or making critical financial decisions, we guide our clients every step of the way.

Success Stories: The effectiveness of our planning and consulting services is best exemplified through our successful projects. For instance, a residential project that faced significant design and zoning challenges was brought to fruition through our detailed planning and expert consultations, resulting in a home that perfectly met the client's needs and exceeded their expectations.

Ensuring Project Success: Ultimately, McMillan Builders' planning and consulting services are about more than just laying the groundwork for construction projects; they're about building a foundation for success. By leveraging our expertise, clients can rest assured that their projects are not only feasible but also optimized for excellence, efficiency, and satisfaction.

McMillan Builders' commitment to thorough planning and expert consulting ensures that every project we undertake is poised for success from the very beginning. Our approach is about creating value for our clients through meticulous planning, informed decision-making, and a steadfast commitment to achieving their vision.

Property Assessment

Property Assessment is an essential service offered by McMillan Builders, designed to evaluate the potential and viability of a property for construction or renovation projects. This comprehensive assessment is a crucial first step in the planning process, ensuring that every project begins with a solid foundation of understanding and insight.

In-depth Analysis: Our property assessment service provides a thorough examination of the physical condition of the property, including soil stability, environmental considerations, and existing structures. This in-depth analysis helps identify any potential issues that could impact the project, allowing for informed planning and decision-making.

Maximizing Property Value: Beyond identifying challenges, our assessments aim to uncover opportunities to enhance the property’s value. Whether through innovative design solutions, sustainable building practices, or strategic improvements, we guide our clients on how to maximize their investment.

Tailored Recommendations: Based on the findings of the property assessment, McMillan Builders offers tailored recommendations that align with the client’s objectives and the project’s unique requirements. These recommendations cover a range of considerations, from construction approaches to design options, ensuring that each project is as efficient and effective as possible.

Foundation for Success: Property assessments lay the groundwork for successful project outcomes. By thoroughly understanding the nuances of the property, clients and the McMillan Builders team can proceed with confidence, knowing that the project is built on a comprehensive analysis and strategic planning.

Real-Life Impact: The significance of property assessment is evident in numerous projects undertaken by McMillan Builders. For example, an assessment revealed unexpected geological challenges on a potential building site, leading to a revised project scope that saved the client significant time and resources. In another instance, the assessment process identified a historic feature of the property that was incorporated into the final design, enhancing the project's uniqueness and value.

In conclusion, McMillan Builders' Property Assessment service is more than just a preliminary check; it's a critical tool that informs every aspect of the construction or renovation process. By starting with a detailed understanding of the property, we ensure that each project is not only feasible but also optimized for success, sustainability, and client satisfaction.


The comprehensive suite of Plan & Consult services offered by McMillan Builders—encompassing Owners Representative Services, Feasibility Studies, Planning/Consulting, and Property Assessment—is designed to ensure that every construction and renovation project we undertake is set up for success. These services provide our clients with the expertise, insights, and advocacy needed to navigate the complexities of building projects, from initial concept through to completion. By leveraging McMillan Builders' extensive experience and commitment to excellence, clients can embark on their construction journeys with confidence, knowing their projects are in capable hands.

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