"I had been thinking about this new house for a long time, and had many ideas about giving it a “historic” look. Michael was enthusiastic from the start about incorporating my ideas, even doing his own research about the style and authentic methods. He was able to draw on his construction expertise to suggest additional ideas, many of which were incorporated into the project. He was very patient with our construction questions, always taking the time to explain process and logistics. Michael’s priority was always to understand and achieve the look and functionality that we wanted.

Michael approached the project in a very hands-on and involved way, always available to us and personally involved at the site. His experience and knowledge of construction best practices gave us the home that we had imagined, built solidly to be comfortable over time. He continues to support the house after the move-in, he is always available if anything comes up. This was truly a customized home-building experience."

Lesley and Rick Leftwich, Davidson, NC

"Our home was originally built in the 1940s. We wanted to maintain the character, add modern conveniences, and fix the problems associated with an older house. We hired our own architect and interviewed several contractors for our custom home renovation and addition. Michael at MCM Construction won the project based upon his understanding of what we needed, his energy efficiency proposals, the ability to be flexible, the transparency of his business model, and his personality. We recently moved back in and are very pleased with the results. We would definitely recommend Michael for custom home renovations and additions."

Jason Hoody, Charlotte, NC

"It was his knowledge and detail during the process that made our home the 1st Place Winner of the LNHBA “Best of The Lake – 4,000-5,000 square foot range”. He has maintained a personal relationship with us during and after construction, took care of any issues that we had and made the process of building a home a pleasure. I give Michael my highest recommendation."

Bob and Donna Marangelo, Mooresville, NC

"Michael and I were Colleagues at another luxury custom homebuilder, during a time of transition in the company. Michael was a central figure in the evolution of our company, and performed multiple functions within, and outside of his job description. His work ethic, drive, determination and attention to detail were all especially valuable, and he performed his role well. Michael is an extremely amicable person, and I enjoyed working with him in any capacity. He embodies many of the values that I feel make a great employee, coworker, and friend."

Scott Teel, Charlotte NC

"I have worked with over 110 builders through the last 6 years of showcasing new home concepts through new construction, but few have grasped and enhanced the project as well as Mike McMillan. I had the pleasure of working with Mike on the High Performance Home when he worked for another organization . This home was featured on WCNC-TV, through a website and through a public tour which benefited the Habitat for Humanity.

Instead of taking an inactive role, sitting back and letting TLConcepts reach out to the various vendor partners, Mike took a very proactive role in leading the project from start to finish. He uncovered several potential participants for the marketing side of the project. He was able to think outside of the box and reach out to vendors we had never talked to in any of our previous projects.

Mike was able to manage several tasks at the same time and do them all extremely well. He worked with the homeowner to build the home of their dreams, he worked with LEED to insure the home was built with the right process, systems and materials to insure the proper certification, and he worked with the vendors to encourage their participation in the marketing of this LEED certified home. Each of these tasks on their own would be considered more than a full time job, but Mike handled them all seamlessly, professionally and successfully. While he showed great attention to detail, he was also able to think big and bring a lot of creative energy to the project. Mike was a huge asset to making this a successful project for all.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future."

Tamra Trickey, Leawood, KS

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